‘TinderSwindler’ exposes the risk of dating apps

Netflix’s most recent film has to do with the famous dating app, Tinder. Usually, that would sound like a red flag to many, but instead of being a red flag, the film was a red warning. The true crime documentary “Tinder Swindler” showcases the dangers of modern day dating apps and accounts the stories of three women who were swindled out of millions of dollars. The swindler, who goes by multiple names, manipulates them to believe in his love and friendship. He leads them to believe that he is the son of a tycoon and the CEO of a diamond company. What started off as a whirlwind fairytale, ended up as a nightmare of betrayal and debilitating debt. 

The film at times feels more like horror and I believe it must have been set up that way on purpose. The implications of the film felt very real and made me feel more sympathy for the victims. It’s actually incredible that each of them was able to speak up and tell their story to the public. Despite the judgment that was bound to come their way by going to the media, it was brave and I must acknowledge it.     

The lifestyle portrayed to the women seemed too good to be true and to many viewers, including me, it was. It might be easier to understand what they were up against looking in from the outside, but I can also understand why these women fell for the ruse. In the first 30 minutes, I too felt that things were gonna be okay, but boy was I wrong. 

After the first hour is over, viewers will get a good sense of what is happening and the projected next steps. But then the film drones on for another hour and that’s when things become overstated. The last woman is introduced no more than when there’s fifteen minutes left and that makes the otherwise well-paced film feel rushed. Of course, it only takes about ten minutes to tell the audience her whole story, because the same thing has happened to the other women we were introduced to earlier. I think her story was powerful, but unnecessary after already being reiterated two times before.  

Anytime either of the women made a move to make a wire transfer or take out a loan, I felt physical pain in my body. It was horrible to watch, but a great discussion about the unexpected risks that come along with dating apps. Dating apps, like Tinder, are frequented by many. I’d recommend this movie for all to watch, but college students especially. The “TinderSwindler” was an entertaining way to tell a true story, but it wouldn’t be entertaining if it happened to you.  

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