Students knowing their rights

A recent House committee bill has taken on the controversial question of abortion and brought it to colleges and universities nationwide.

The Pregnant Student’s Right Act aims to help support pregnant college students through their pregnancy in hopes of preventing young career-driven women from feeling forced to get an abortion in order to focus on their studies.

The bill does not contain any new information regarding rights, but would require universities to actively provide information to pregnant students disclosing their distinct rights and the resources available to them.

The Biden administration has attempted to include pregnancy discrimination at academic institutions as part of Title IX legislation. However, the addition is still in the works.

Dr. Norah Pienta Collins, Dean of Students, provides insight on the importance of familiarizing oneself with the student handbook.

“To support the creation of an inclusive campus, Lewis University has established community standards which are available in the Student Handbook,” said Collins.

“As Lewis University Flyers, all students are responsible to read and uphold the policies and procedures outlined in the Student Handbook. Personal growth and development, a sense of personal responsibility, respect for the individual and the rights of others, and an appreciation for our Catholic and Lasallian values are all essential prerequisites for a student’s successful advancement toward their educational goals. Together in Association, we each have a responsibility to support the Mission and Values of the University”.

All Lewis University students have the right to protest on campus, but protests must be peaceful, orderly, respectful of all other students’ rights and must not interfere with university guidelines and policies.

Lewis University gives all students the right to free speech, expression, along with inquiry and debate about expression and ideas. However bullying, harassment and discrimination are prohibited.

As a Lewis resident student, one has the right to:

  • Read, study or sleep free from undue interference.
  • Recreate in or around residence halls.
  • Personal privacy.
  • Facilities that are clean, safe, and orderly.
  • Redress of grievances and recourse to due process in the judicial system

As a Lewis resident student, one has the responsibility to:

  • Observe quiet hours, control noise and limit distractions that inhibit the rights of others.
  • Modify recreation so as not to interfere with others or damage the facilities.
  • Abide by visitation hours and respect the personal space of others.
  • Respect all property, keep common areas free of litter, report vandalism and request necessary repairs.
  • Cooperate with Lewis University grievance and judicial procedures and to refrain from conduct which infringes upon the rights of others.

For more information regarding your student rights, the Lewis University Student Handbook can be accessed here:

*Note: Lewis University students have various rights, many of which are not mentioned above. 

Photo Credits: Lewis University Website

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