Electronic Music Midwest festival returns to Lewis

Now in its 22nd year, the Electronic Music Midwest (EMM) calls for midwest communities to participate in cutting-edge electroacoustic compositions by today’s composers. All events take place conveniently on Lewis University’s campus in the Philip Lynch Theatre, starting with its first concert on March 1. Serving as one of two proud hosts, the Department of Music invites music technology students to actively engage in the festival’s production. The event is expected to represent over 50 composers from across the globe.

The EMM festival was originally named “Electronic Music at Lewis – 2001” and since its beginning, EMM has programmed over 1000 new electronic music compositions. According to the EMM site, they proudly share that many visiting composers comment that they have one of the best sounding and smoothest run festivals they have ever attended. They are more than happy to play and share new music with their crowd but also strive to create an environment good for building community interaction. The concerts are approximately one hour long, and composers have time to interact socially with students and audience members. 

This year’s guest performer is Michael Hall, a Chicago-based musician who has influenced a global presence through performances and teaching engagements across Europe, Asia and the U.S. He is widely recognized for his extraordinary skill and technique., Hall has accumulated praise from respected music publications such as the New Music Connoisseur and Chamber Music Today. His recent accomplishments include a solo debut at Chicago Orchestra Hall, where he premiered Kim Diehnelt’s “Montegar,” alongside a successful recital tour spanning Vienna, Austria, and Udine and Tolmezzo, Italy. Hall’s collection has enhanced reputable festivals worldwide, including the Thailand International Composition Festival, Positano Chamber Music Festival, Vianden International Chamber Music Festival and the Composer’s Concordance Series in New York City.

Furthermore, Hall’s musical journey is distinguished by a multitude of fascinating performances across diverse platforms and festivals. From commanding stages with the Bandung Philharmonic in Indonesia, to captivating audiences at the New Music Chicago Series and Constellation appearances with Transient Canvas, his versatility shines through. Among his achievements is the U.S. premiere of Stacy Garrop’s Viola Concerto Krakatoa at the Baroque on Beaver Island Music Festival in Michigan, serving as an example of his ability to infuse contemporary compositions with life and emotion. With each performance, Hall reinforces his reputation as an accomplished violist, fascinating audiences with his emotional interpretations and technical expertise.

Don’t fret if you can’t attend the initial concert – there are seven scheduled performances over two days Each concert features different composer artists, promising an enjoyable experience. Students, commuters and residents alike are invited to attend with friends and family for a memorable event.

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