Wattpad to print: The story of “Lore Olympus”

“Lore Olympus” rose to fame differently than traditionally published books do. Instead of  competing in the market for graphic novels, the author Rachel Smythe had already built up a fanbase from the fanfiction site Wattpad. She had originally posted “Lore Olympus” on the free website before moving it to print when an opportunity came her way. Spoilers ahead!

The “Lore Olympus” series is based on the story of Hades and Persephone from Greek mythology. Persephone is going to university in the city of Olympus after a life of homeschooling  from Demeter – the goddess of harvest and agriculture – and the nature spirits that accompany the two goddesses in their Earthen home. Demeter was hesitant to let Persephone go when she was awarded a scholarship from the Goddesses of Eternal Maidenhood. Athena, Artemis and Hestia are the three existing members. Artemis houses Persephone during her studies, and things get a bit interesting, to say the least.

There are five released volumes of  “Lore Olympus.”  Formatting and customs from the books’ beginning as fanfiction are present, such as the trigger warnings on the first page of each book. These trigger warnings are very considerate and something that fans of the book like a lot. Trigger warnings are commonplace on social media and various internet platforms, so the inclusion of them in the printed editions speaks to Smythe’s start at fanfiction and also allows her potential fans to put their mental health first. This is a stark difference from other books, which don’t give that same type of warning.

The art in these books is absolutely stunning. A consistent cast of characters is set. Each character has a color scheme, which accents their powers and relations to others. Perspehone, also known as Kore, has a pink color which occasionally turns to red when she is upset. Artemis –goddess of the hunt – uses a purple color scheme along with her twin brother Apollo – god of sun, music and poetry. Their father, Zeus, is purple as well, the color representing a symbol of royalty and power. These three are powerful and very well known, so it isn’t a surprise that their colors reflect it. 

Hermes, the messenger god, uses red. Eros (Greek equivalent of Cupid) uses a red color scheme as well. Both these characters are close with Perspehone. Hermes was around to deliver messages as she grew up, and Eros became a support to her as more drama unfolds during her time at Olympus. Poseidon is green, and Hades is blue. Hera is yellow, and her son, Ares, uses a yellow-orange scheme. As for Demeter, the goddess is green. The colors are used beautifully throughout the series, each with a purpose that takes many read throughs to truly understand.

This series is beautiful for both readers and art fans alike. However, read the trigger warnings; this series covers many dark and concerning topics centering around power and those who have it. Be prepared for some tough conversations and deep thoughts throughout the series. The first five volumes speak for the women who never had a chance to speak for themselves. This series is empowering for its readers, and has a wonderful story line. First, take care of yourself so you can be in a healthy mindset to read it.

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