University ICF Accreditation Renewed

The university just got its College of Business International Coaching Federation (ICF) Accreditation reaffirmed.

The ICF is a leading global organization for coaches and coaching. The Federation is dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards, providing certificates and building a network of worldwide coaches.

The program has been recognized as an IFC Level two accreditation. This means that the university program meets the ICF’s intense program standards with the program consisting of 18 credit hours or 128 training hours. Students learn about the fundamentals of coaching and coaching methodologies and assessments.

The exam allows students to develop their professional development and distinguish themselves in the coaching field. In order to complete the program and receive an ICF certificate, students are required to meet educational requirements and are expected to have experience in the coaching profession. Micro-credentials can be completed within seven months of training.

Since beginning in 2012, the University holds a 100 percent pass rate on the ICF crediting exam.

Lewis offers a variety of majors pertaining to students who have aspirations as coaches. These include sports management, exercise science and more. Students who are looking to get into coaching can look to various sports teams on campus and study how they function. Students have the opportunity to become volunteer managers on university teams and gain some experience. Some notable university sports teams include men’s & women’s volleyball, swimming, basketball and lacrosse.

Photo Credits:  Lewis University College of Business

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