Will Season 2 of Euphoria live up to the hype?

Euphoria aired the first episode of their second season on January 9th. It has finally made it’s epic and long awaited return to the streaming platform HBO Max. The show’s front runner, Zendaya, reprises her role as the co-dependent, hopeless and lazy drug addict named Rue. Rue has been struggling with maintaining her sobriety following the last season’s finale and trying to find herself without her partner in crime, Jules. Euphoria follows the life of several teens, all with their own problems surrounding substance abuse, sex and violence. Despite the controversy of the series, fans on social media have catapulted it to popularity and it has influenced a lot of Gen Z’s newest trends. 

Talk has been surrounding the show since it first aired, but recently much of the conversation has been about whether Euphoria will live up to the hype it garnered for itself with season one. Honestly, it will be hard to top. But Creator Sam Levinson’s mind has yet to disappoint and will hopefully produce some cool and wacky storylines for old and new watchers. 

The new season opens with a flashback, depicting the tragedy of Fezco’s (Angus Cloud) past and upbringing. Specifically, Fezco is Rue’s drug dealer. He’s rough around the edges but is loyal beyond belief. Taking care of Rue, despite selling her drugs and taking care of his little brother, Ashtray. His childhood was less than normal or innocent, having to step up to take over the family business of dealing narcotics after his grandma’s untimely passing. The intro gives an explanation of who the mysterious Fez is and how he operates. It allows his character to be opened up for further inspection by viewers and who knows what they’ll see as his story progresses throughout the season. The show would do wonderful by keeping the model of going into depth for each character’s backstories every episode.  

While Fez is dealing with serious business and Rue is spiraling out of control, the rest of the kids are trying to prove themselves as being the baddest and evilest people in town. Recurring characters like Cassie, Nate and Jacob are already entangled in a mess and it reminds me how much I missed the show during it’s two year break. This is certainly the T.V drama that viewers rightfully deserve. With season two now rolling, it’s time to get ready for a daring and crazy ride.   

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