“Emily in Paris” Season 3 Proves the Third Time’s the Charm!

After a rocky start with season 1 facing backlash for the “basic” cliché of “American girl meets Paris”, the show appears to have redeemed itself through its second season full of affairs, character development, and a twist-ending cliffhanger that left viewers yearning for another season!


“Emily in Paris” – which was initially centered around Emily’s transition from America to Paris in season one and two – portrays a much more developed identity of the protagonist in the new season, allowing room for the side-characters to flourish in their own subplots. This made the show more entertaining, as there were multiple storylines to keep the episodes interesting. Additionally, this gave emotional depth to Emily that was originally missing from the previous episodes. In the midst of her friends facing career challenges and relationship troubles, Emily appears much more stoic in this season, allowing the audience to relate and root for her much more easily than when she used to just be an obnoxious and naive tourist.


The passion is much more invigorating in this season, as well. After introducing new love interests at the end of season two and intertwining their existences with Emily’s career, season three provides multiple antagonists, shocking moments and love triangles that were honestly never expected and well developed. I felt that earlier episodes contained too many forced situationships, whereas the drama that emerged in season three seemed to occur much more naturally. Things seemed to be moving extremely fast by the eighth and ninth episodes, allowing the finale to really deliver a punch that, honestly, the show’s pilot episode could only dream of achieving.This allowed for the final episode to really shock the audience.


I’m very grateful that none of the previous plot-points of the show were forgotten, and while old issues were resolved, new plot-points were created for every side character. This allowed for more depth in their identities, as well as a broader perspective of the overall show to be generated by the audience. There were even points where side-character-plots emerged and I was so impressed at its inclusion in the show, as they transitioned almost seamlessly with the overall storyline and created an entirely new perspective to view Emily that I would not have originally thought to observe.


Whether you were an “Emily in Paris” fan from the show’s premiere or you were unsure about continuing the show, I highly recommend watching this third and newest season. While it may have taken almost 20 episodes before the show found its groove, the producers really nailed their jobs with these last ten episodes. Honestly, after watching this season, I kind of want to start learning French… but instead of recommending a new language, I will suggest you grab some croissants and binge-watch this season before the spoilers start emerging and season four drops later in the year.

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