‘Bel-Air’: A new take on the beloved ‘90s sitcom

The ‘90s was full of many beloved sitcoms, one of which included “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” starring Will Smith. Filled with iconic messages, music and scenes, “The Fresh Prince” continues to influence today’s culture. However, there has been a reboot of the sitcom, titled “Bel-Air,”, which has a fresh outlook on the story of Will Smith, who is still the main character. Produced by Will Smith himself, the brand new cast portrays a different, more dramatic aspect of Smith’s life in West Philadelphia to his move to Bel-Air.

         The sitcom was partially memorialized by its theme song, speaking of Smith’s “one little fight” on the basketball court in West Philadelphia, however, in “Bel-Air” we see the details of that fight. We also see different aspects of black culture, family support and issues facing the community. “Bel-Air” is a series that is updated on the Peacock app weekly. We get to see characters like Jazz, Geoffrey, Hilary, Carlton, Aunt Viv, Uncle Phil and Ashley in a new light. The characters are different from the sitcom characters in a way that fits the drama perfectly. Parts of the sitcom do make its way into the show through quotes and other scenes. One does have to adjust to the dramatics of the series compared to the humor of the sitcom.

         I would say if you were interested in watching the show, now would be the time to watch it. The series has eight episodes already ready to view and updates every week on Sundays and Thursdays. 

Photo Credit: IMDb

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