Baseball season has begun

The Flyers baseball season has begun, starting February 18 in Nashville, Tennessee against Trevecca University. It was not a great start for the Flyers as they lost to Trevecca, but the team hopes to fix the few kinks that they have and work together as a team. 


The Flyers are aware of what they have to do as a team to be able to win and have a successful season. This is not an ideal start to the season but the Flyers have agreed to not look back and only move forward. 


“We all try to work on our own goals so we can reach our goals as a team, like every team we want to win,” said junior David Ascencio. “We try to just take it one game at a time and learn from it”.


Baseball is something that you can never predict.  The weather  has contributed to the volatility, along with  some games being canceled. In this sport you never know what is going to happen so we always have to be ready for what is next.


The team has had many wins this season as well but are hungry for more and want to keep reaching their goals and improving together . 


Sweeping Purdue Northwest at their home opener was something that the team felt content with. The sweep against Purdue were two games back to back wins on March 20


Many other single game wins as well have happened this season; another great game for the Flyers was against the West Virginia Wesleyan  and Concordia St.Paul both wins were on March 6. 


Their latest win was this past weekend, April 1, against Missouri S&T where the team absolutely slaughtered S&T with an ending score of 13-3.


The next game is April 8th against Quincy at Brennan Field.

Photo Credit: Luis Chavez

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