The best season is nearing

Many times when I’ve asked someone what their favorite season is, the answer is usually summer. Summer is the time when there’s no school, no responsibilities, nice weather and other fun things going on, which is why people enjoy it so much. 

Even though summer is nice, not to mention for students there are less responsibilities, a season better than summer is the spring. Spring is the time of the year when we are beginning to see the sun again after a few months of mostly darkness and cold. For some, the sun equals happiness, which means that when spring is starting, they will instantly feel happier because of the sunshine. 

Additionally, Spring means longer days. Due to daylight savings, the sun sets so early and days feel short. When it is actually 5 p.m., it feels like 9 p.m. On a scientific note, because your body is seeing less sunshine, it produces melatonin earlier, causing you to feel more tired earlier in the evening. During the springtime, the sun sets later which means it stays light longer, not making you as tired earlier in the evening, thus feeling more energized. 

Another perk of spring is the changes in nature. This is when trees start to grow their leaves back, flowers begin to blossom and birds and other animals awake from their winter hibernation. In other words, the world is starting to come alive again. 

One of the major benefits of spring is that windows can be opened again, letting fresh air and a cool breeze come into the house to air out the winter must. Not only the fresh air enters the house, but the smells and sounds of the spring instantly bring in positive feelings.

As spring is just around the corner, take the opportunity to go outside, soak in some sunshine, go for a walk or take your workouts outside rather than staying inside all day. Us humans are meant to be outside and active. Because winter prevents us from doing these things, now is the perfect time to put away those winter boots and enjoy the spring weather. 

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