Spring season recap

Spring is coming to an end and the smell of summer is in the air. Lewis has accumulated some success over the 2024 season, all the way from women’s lacrosse and women’s tennis, to men’s volleyball and men’s track. 


For starters, women’s lacrosse had their best season yet since their inception in 2019. In one year alone, they went from a losing record of 4-9 in 2023 to a 2024 winning record of 8-5. They have only improved over the years and are sure to do so in the future as the program continues to blossom. 


On the other side, men’s lacrosse dominated their conference once again. They’ve struck a top position with a record of 9-3, two of the losses only being non conference teams. With the GLVC on their heels, they plan to chug through the next three games and make it to the GLVC semi-final on May 2 with a chip on their shoulder. 


Women’s tennis shared in this success, so far sustaining a winning record of 11-4. Their remaining matches are against some tougher opponents, including University of Indianapolis (UIndy) who took the victory over them last year. However, the team is ready for the competition, full of spirit of first season coach Greg Couch.


Couch led the men’s tennis team through a string of victories, as well, earning a record of 9-9. Although matches against Maryville, UIndy and McKendree, who took the best of them last year, are coming up, they still have a shot to pull through and come back to bite them.


This year was a bit of a road block for men’s volleyball, but they still pulled through with a winning record of 15-14 so far. They went back and forth between wins and losses, having a very even break over the last few months. Unfortunately they fell to Loyola on April 6, and were not able to come back with a win at the MIVA Quarterfinal tournament hosted at Ohio State, marking April 13 as their last day of the season.


Both men’s and women’s track have taken off in their season. Back in February, the women came first in two separate tournaments. More recently, they scored high at the Joey Haines Invite and Chicagoland’s Championship. The men saw similar success, earning first or second in most of the listed meets. Recently they have shared in high rankings at the meets mentioned prior.


Softball took the field by storm this spring. They lead 26-9 overall and 11-3 in conference. Some were sweeps and others were hard-fought, but all were earned. The GLVC tournament awaits them on May 2. Before that, they hope to trample the opponents coming up, including Truman State, Upper Iowa and UIS.


Men’s baseball had a rough run this year compared to their record last year of 30-23. However, they have plenty of games ahead of them. They plan to go into each day with a clear mind and an energy to win, hopefully gaining themselves a few more victories.


As for our golf team, the men and women both saw high scores this season and both are heading into the GLVC within this month. They are both going into the tournament with high heads and the confidence they’ve held all spring. 


Overall, the spring saw the Flyers triumph over the GLVC, blowing the other teams away. As it winds to an end and summer nears, fall sports are starting to prepare for a new year and a new start.

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