After coming back to campus from summer break, returning students slowly encountered Sodexo’s new updates. New additions include a new food ordering platform and the Kiwibots, who have been seen around campus with students already taking advantage of the delivery service. Students can choose to pay an additional cost out of pocket for the delivery of their food with the Kiwibots, or can pay for a delivery subscription (To learn about the student opinion regarding the Kiwibots, check out Julia Lesniki’s article).


Sodexo also instilled another huge change this past summer with the introduction of the Everyday App, the university’s new food ordering app. The switch from the previous app Byte to the new Everyday app was a surprise for some, as news of the change broke out in the midst of Welcome Week activities.


The Everyday app allows users to view the menu of each dining location on campus. Users can also set up the app so it sends alerts if various foods contain certain ingredients that are prone to allergic reactions. These improved benefits are something students are pleased with.


“I like the Everyday app better than Byte since you can see the menu better and you can set it up to include your allergies” said Junior Psychology major Rebekkah Schimick.


Remaining meal swipes and flyer dollar amounts can be easily accessed as well through the Everyday. As with every bit of technology, however, there are flaws. Within the first two weeks of classes, the app malfunctioned a couple of times for a short period of time before it was back up and running again. Further issues come from pickup slots filling up too fast, preventing students from getting food at their desired time. 


However, the semester is just beginning, so the kinks are still being worked out. The Everyday app will have to stand the test of time. 


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