Senior Memories

Alex Martinez (women’s track) Sara Serena  (softball) Soren Thrawl (men’s lax) Faith Lewis (women’s soccer) Adrian Wlodarz (men’s swim)
Major Psychology Psychology Double major in Computer Science and Mathematics Masters in Business Administration with concentrations in business analytics and finance Aerospace and Aviation Technologies


60m, 100m, 200m, and the 4x100m relay Pitcher and right field Defense Center Forward 100 breaststroke, 200 breaststroke, sprint freestyle
Favorite part about playing at Lewis? “My favorite part about running at Lewis is getting to compete with my teammates and

forming friendships that extend beyond the track.”

“The culture, everyone feels like family. Especially our coach, she is big on bonding and being able to spend quality time with each other.” “The friends I’ve met here and get to play with everyday” “The life long relationships I’ve been able to make with the players and coaches.” “I really enjoyed spending time with my friends and teammates.”
How have you improved since freshman year? “I have improved a lot since freshman year! I have gone from fighting to make it into

conference to placing in finals and attending highly competitive meets.”

“I have improved on the field but honestly more being a leader within our team.” “I’m a lot more composed in the choices I make on and off the field” “I transferred to Lewis for my last two years of eligibility. I would say my overall happiness and just myself as a person has improved since coming to Lewis.” “I believe that I became more mentally stronger throughout the years here at Lewis. I was able to overcome any adversity that faced my way.”
Funny memory with the team? “One year our team went to North Carolina for a meet and we got stuck with an awfully

long bus ride home due to weather and a very slow bus driver. It was not funny at the

time but we have a lot of funny moments and conversations to look back on now.”

“Having sing-offs on our bus rides.” “Making the freshman sing karaoke on the bus ride home from away games” “When my teammate drove her car into the ditch by our practice fields” “My favorite memory in the team had to be when freshman Kirill fell into the pool with his clothes on.”
Future hopes and aspirations “I hope to become a technical writer of some sort or get into marketing for a company I

am passionate about. Whatever I do, I want to help others!”

“To become a medical sonographer and hopefully coach in the future.” “To get a job and move in with my girlfriend.” “I hope one day to be a data analyst for the fbi or a professional sports team.” “I hope to live a happy and peaceful life where I do not have to worry about swimming anymore.” 



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