Senior soccer season slay

Soccer season is kicking off into conference matches and senior, Grace Devaux, has entered her final season with a mission to start and end with a bang. Her ambition defines her, on and off the field. Not only is Devaux a full-time soccer player, she stays busy as a nursing major, which is one of the university’s more demanding programs. 

Balancing soccer and nursing definitely requires a lot of focus, hard work and late nights. Despite this feat, Devaux explained that she’s been used to balancing both since she was little.  

“I’ve always needed soccer to keep it together with school. Your time is limited so it forces you to have your stuff together,” says Devaux.

For Devaux, soccer and nursing compliment each other. Balancing her responsibilities provides more structure to her days and pushes her to get her work done.

Her years of college have been filled with ups and downs, including a serious knee injury during the last game of her freshman year. It was a season ending blow, but she didn’t give up. Her driving motivation was one thing: “I just really really wanted to play.”

Instead of hanging her head and letting the injury beat her, Devaux buckled down and pushed through the obstacle. From the affliction, she learned that you should cherish every moment you get to play with the people you love.

“Don’t take it for granted because you never know when something is going to happen,” says Devaux. And now, she has a new outlook every time she steps on the field.

This year, as it is her second year back from the injury, Devaux wants to leave an impact on her team. Her goal is to be “someone who steps up as a leader. I want my teammates to know they are supported and [I want to] push them to be their best selves.”

To Devaux, her teammate’s success is just as important as her own. She leads by example with her grit and strength, becoming a dominant voice in the defensive line.

With each season comes a new team and with it, a new dynamic. Devaux mentioned that she is excited to be a leader this year because each athlete is very “open to growing.” The team is fresh and youthful, with a hunger to improve both individually and collectively. With their determined mentality, they welcome all opportunities for growth and improvement. 

Although preseason was a little rough, Devaux is confident going into regular season games. Her mindset is to “leave it all on the field.” Since this is her last chance to play, she is determined to do anything she can to see the team succeed and “end the season playing my personal best.”

The next soccer matches are on Oct. 13 against William Jewel and Oct. 15 versus Rockhurst.   

Photo Credits: Lewis Athletics

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