Robert Downey Jr. Moves On From the Marvel Universe to Dr. Dolittle


Remakes seem to be the big thing in Hollywood right now with Disney converting their classic animation films to live action and the newly released “Dolittle” starring Robert Downey, Jr. When this movie was first announced, many were skeptical. They thought the role wasn’t good enough for the former Marvel star and there’s of course always the skepticism of remaking classics. 

Even after opening weekend the reviews were terrible. Reviewers found it chaotic and lacking plot and it has a measly score of 18% from Rotten Tomato critics. 

I, however, really enjoyed this movie. You have to remember to take it for what it is: a family-friendly movie. The plot isn’t supposed to be complex and hard to follow. It’s supposed to be funny and enjoyable for younger audiences. Plus, it’s a Dr. Dolittle movie, it’s supposed to be chaotic and weird. It is a man who can talk to animals after all. 

The talking animals were by far the best part. There was an adorable sugar glider, an anxious gorilla, and a parrot who acted as almost Dolittle’s nanny. Each animal had their own quirks and their one-liners were met with laughter from the audience. 

The only complaint I really have with this movie is Downey could’ve made it more his own. He had an accent in the movie to make him more soft-spoken like the original Dolittle, so I understand why he did it, but at the same time, I wish he would’ve branched off from the original a bit more and used his normal voice. That would’ve made the movie more unique and allowed Downey’s own personality to be incorporated into the character. 

While it’s nothing like Downey’s rich-superhero role he’s notorious for, I still think he did a great job playing this new character and branching off into a new genre. I’m excited to see what he does next.

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