Review of The After Party (Apple TV)

Apple TV did not disappoint this summer!  Shrinking with Harrison Ford and Jason Segel and The Last Thing He Told Me with Jennifer Garner were two of the many successful shows released  Among the new series, a show that stuck out to me though was The After Party, whose second season was released July 12 of this year.

Filmed in Santa Clarita, CA, this murder mystery-comedy was a big hit for me. This show reminded me of the mystery-comedy movie Knives Out, which came out back in 2019. I’ve been in search of a good murder mystery-comedy since then, and this show delivered in a super creative way.

I watched this show with my grandma, mom and sister, and it was a show that was enjoyable for all generations. With ten episodes about half an hour each in the second season, this was a very manageable show to binge watch. The only option when watching this show is to binge watch since the mystery will keep you wanting to know more!

With actors like Ben Schwartz (from  Parks and Recreation), Dave Franco, Sam Richardson (who appeared in another hit Apple TV show Ted Lasso) and many others, this show uses its large cast to create a story that is both engaging and keeps you guessing all throughout season two. 

I promise I won’t give you any spoilers, but I will provide a brief synopsis to boost your interest! In the second season, the mystery is set up within the first few episodes. It surrounds a high school reunion after party. Old friends and enemies meet together at the house of one of the well-off graduates to celebrate where they are now. 

The reunion takes a turn for the worse when a murder is committed. Each subsequent episode highlights  the perspective of a different person at the party. The show does a great job expressing the personalities and alibis of each unique character. 

The investigation is funny to follow because of the twists, turns,  and plenty of jokes to accompany them. This show has laughable songs and cartoon characters weaved into some of the episodes that adds to the entertainment.

This show received a 7.3/10 from IMDb and a 92% from Rotten Tomatoes. Personally, I would give this an 8.5/10, and would highly recommend it!

Credit Photo: Variety

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