Rec Rewards

The Rec center has come out with a new reward system. In an attempt to attract more students to be active within the rec center and participate in the various events going on. The rewards are an opportunity for students to take advantage of physical health and mental health benefits that the recreational center on campus has to offer.


David Anderson, Coordinator of Intramurals and Recreational Marketing provides insight.


“At the end of the semester we will tally the point totals of each student and the top three point earners will have their pick of either Airpods Pro, a Fitbit Versa 2, or a Visa gift card” said Anderson.


The more students participate in the various events offered, the more points they can earn. Events that count for points include Group Fitness Classes, Intramurals, Club Sports, or Special Events such as the Wellness Wednesday Programs. To receive points for the group fitness classes and special events students can use the sign up sheet in the class. For intramurals, points are earned by being a part of a team and participating in scheduled games. 


“Members of Club teams earn 5 points for being active members” said Anderson. “Those points will be assigned near the end of the semester to ensure they were active through the semester and not just on the team to earn the points.”


To sign up for the Rec rewards or find out more information, visit the lifeatlewisu instagram page or be on the lookout for QR codes that are posted around the Rec center and throughout campus. 

Photo Credit: lifeatlewisu instagram

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