People Must Treat Each Other With Respect After Hearing Election Results


When I first heard about the results of the election that Joe Biden had won, my reaction was feelings of relief and excitement; everyone knew that it would be a close race, but in reality, Trump only got 214 electoral votes, while Biden got 290 electoral votes, when he only needed 270 to win.

When everyone else heard the news of Biden beating Trump in the presidential race, people who voted for Biden felt feelings of joy and excitement, while people who voted for Trump felt feelings of sadness and disappointment.

After it was announced that Biden won the presidential race, I remember hearing on the news that Trump and his campaign team called for a recount in Wisconsin. This is a poor decision on his part because throughout this whole election, he has been telling many lies, about certain issues that we’re facing as a society, especially false statements about the coronavirus.

For me, when I found out that Biden won, I didn’t do anything special and big to celebrate the victory, because even though I did vote for Biden, I just treated that news like it wasn’t that big of a deal. Along with Biden winning, Kamala Harris made history by becoming the first woman vice president of color, which will be celebrated for years to come.

I think that social media has had a huge impact on the way that people treat each other, after hearing news about the election. For example, when one of my friends on Snapchat posted content on their story about Biden winning the election, I had already known that news, so I just skipped through her story that day.

Many well known Democratic political figures like Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama were ecstatic with the results from the election of Biden winning, and Kamala Harris becoming the vice president.

According to an article on the Boston Globe website, “Former president Barack Obama released a lengthy statement on Saturday that noted Harris’ “groundbreaking” elevation to the vice presidency and said that Biden was the right person to face the daunting challenges ahead.”

Many Republicans refuse to believe that Biden won, regardless of Trump not giving a concession speech, and everyone else believing that Biden is our new president.

Nevertheless, whoever wins the next election, and becomes the next president, we should all respect the results, no matter if we are Republicans or Democrats, and we shouldn’t let our political beliefs divide us.



Photo credit: Elvert Barnes, Flickr

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