New year, new beginning

College comes with all sorts of changes. It’s a new environment with new people, new classes and a new way of life. For Mya Bajramovic and probably many others in her shoes, being a transfer is like being a freshman all over again. 

Bajramovic originally went to West Virginia Wesleyan College. She decided to transfer in hopes of being part of a competitive volleyball team, while remaining in a school with good academics. After being at Lewis for just over a month now, she already noted that “The vibe is better here and the campus is bigger.” The new Flyer likes how the buzz and activity around campus is more prominent here. 

Additionally, Bajramovic talked about how much she enjoys playing with the team. She was excited to share that her new teammates have “such a high volleyball IQ.” The women are very intentional with their play. Their movements are structured, their communication is fluid and everything seems so instinctual. Their practices consist of repetition, timing and chemistry. Bajramovic said it simply, “Everything is done with a purpose.” 

To have such a high level of structure within their gameplay, the athletes must be ultra focused on every detail. They have to be aware of when to move, how to move, when others should move and how to move with them. Along with that they must know where the ball is at all times, so communicating is key. Not only do the athletes compete with their physical abilities, but also with their ability to understand the game. 

With increased competition comes higher expectations. Bajramovic explained that compared to her past experience, “everyone is held at a higher standard. There is more of a drive to win.” Although it is difficult, there is more thrill when everyone is giving 100 percent to make sure they come out on top.

In terms of atmosphere and feeling welcomed, Bajramovic struggled to think of just one team bonding event because “everyday is like team bonding.” Spending that much time together day in and day out will naturally draw everyone closer. To bond even more, newcomers were given big sisters which helped introduce the Flyer to the team. However, having a teammate as a roommate is the part that helped her feel the most comfortable.  

Another aspect Bajramovic loves about the team is they get to travel a lot. She loves sightseeing and exploring new places. When asked what one of her highlights was, Bajramovic was quick to say “jumping waves in California and seeing dolphins.” 

No matter what her role is this year, Bajramovic was confident saying, “it will be a big learning year for me. [I] just [want to] try to help out in any way I can, whether it’s on the court or on the bench.” With some experience already up her sleeve, Bajramovic is ready to enter the competition within the Great Lakes Valley Conference. 

Their next home games are on Oct. 13 and 15. 

Photo Credits: Matthew Carlson

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