Planned upgrades for Entrepreneurship programming

Lewis plans on expanding and improving its entrepreneurship programming. At present, there are two main programs for students interested in entrepreneurship. The first is the Brother Joel Damien Business Plan and Pitch Competition. Named after the founder of the Christian Brothers Services, the organization awarded Lewis with an endowment in the spring of 2019 to support the business plan competition. 

Any Lewis undergraduate or graduate student can participate in the competition and is tasked with forming a business idea, creating a business plan and then delivering a seven-minute pitch to a panel of judges. 

The second program is the Come Clean, Go Green competition that centers on the theme of sustainability and developing a sustainable culture on campus. Like the Brother Joel Damien Business Plan and Pitch Competition, this competition is open to all students and tasks participants with drafting a proposal for a sustainability project. Students can delve into a variety of topics, including explaining the need for sustainability on campus and presenting a timeline of implementation of the proposed project including pricing.

Previous winning proposals for the competition include a range of ideas from developing a monarch butterfly sanctuary on campus to installing low-flow showerheads in dorms. 

The most recent winning project proposal centered around developing a way to produce biodiesel fuel on campus from local and community food waste. The project presented concepts for potential new classes and hands-on experience for STEM and business students while also making the most use of byproducts as soaps or heating fuel for campus facilities.

With regards to expanding the available entrepreneurship programs, a sneak peek has been afforded by Adjunct Marketing Instructor Brie Brubaker. “The Lowell Stahl Center for Entrepreneurship will be welcoming a new Entrepreneur-In-Residence program to assist students, faculty and Hub members with their entrepreneurial endeavors,” said Brubaker.

As details are finalized for the program and a candidate is selected more opportunities will become available for students to engage with the Entrepreneur-in-Residence program. 

Photo Credit: Alexis Pragides/Contributing Graphic Designer

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