‘You’ is back with more psychological twists and turns

Season three of Netflix’s hit series “You” was released on Oct. 15 and it is already stirring up conversation.

This season follows the charming and psychotic killer Joe Goldberg, played by Penn Badgley, and his newly wedded wife, Love Quinn. Joe and Love aren’t the typical couples, but viewers still thought of their relationship as endearing, in a creepy and sort of romantic way. But this season, things have drastically changed. Their relationship is on the rocks, they hate each other and everything is up in the air. Two killers in one house definitely makes for some heated tension.   

The American psychological thriller has been all the rave for the past couple of years. Show theories and predictions have been circulating around the internet, but our questions have finally been answered.

The killer couple is stressed with their newborn; they struggle with having to take care of something so sweet and innocent when they are rotten to the core. Joe has an even harder time bonding with the baby and he almost feels judged by his son. This only serves to get Joe in even more trouble and he soon finds himself cleaning up yet another mess. 

Love, played by Victoria Pedretti, has a much bigger role this time around and is able to stretch her wings more in the show. Her journey to slowly becoming a main and important character was a change of pace for the show and saved the series from becoming boring. Pedretti plays the crazy girlfriend turned wife a little too well, but truly that is the whole point of the show. It’s supposed to be crazy, chaotic and… That’s what you want to see, isn’t it? 

One of the recurring patterns that you can see throughout the season is Joe’s simultaneous disdain and disgust for Love. He’s slowly falling out of love with her. He behaves as if he has greater superiority and moral righteousness than his counterpart. It’s upsetting to see his character be so hypocritical but interesting to see just how much he’s changed since season one. I love character development, whether it’s good or bad. 

I can’t speak about character development without mentioning the creative and talented crew of show writers and producers. Many members have returned to write for this current season including Sera Gamble, who is most known for writing for the famous show, “Supernatural.” Producers constantly put out entertaining works of art and they make this show better each year. Without them, there’d be no special quality to “You” and it would be like every other series on Netflix right now: long and dull.            

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