Is Netflix’s “ClickBait” worth the watch?

Netflix’s new limited mini-series “ClickBait” starts off with a bang, a twist and an interesting mystery. With a fitting title, Netflix somehow convinced me to watch another one of their shows. I’ll be the first to admit, the streaming app has had some really terrible shows in the past, but this one might not be so bad after all. 

“ClickBait” is a thriller that follows Nick Brewer (Adrian Grenier) who is a seemingly normal and harmless family man. He has a loving wife and children; however, he also has a dark secret that prevents him from truly being harmless. Sure enough, Brewer’s dark secret gets him in trouble as he becomes involved in a twisted internet game that has those closest to him racing to uncover the truth and save him.

“ClickBait” incorporates just enough drama so that viewers don’t lose interest before the big reveal. The show reels you in with an argument in the first couple of seconds before you even know what’s going on. It left me intrigued and kind of confused, so I kept watching. This is largely due to the talented actors of the series. The show has an interesting and diverse cast, with names such as Betty Gabriel, the creepy maid from “Get Out,” and Zoe Kazan, an underground actress who had an amazing performance throughout.  

This show adds something new to the crime drama and the “whodunit” mystery of today. Brewer and his crimes are plastered all over the internet, and some viewers may be reminded of a viral video that they’ve seen. This small detail is what surprisingly makes the show incredibly modern and relevant. Viewers are left to wonder how realistic this could all be and realize how dangerous the internet actually is. Show producers simulate the look and feel of real websites like YouTube and Facebook to scare people even more.  

The show has eight episodes with each episode following the lives of a central character. Viewers are able to play the guessing game along with the detectives in the show, which makes it more engaging and enjoyable to watch. Each character seems to be going through their own separate problems while solving the case. This creates chaos, tension and good melodramatic television, making “ClickBait” all the more satisfying to watch.

This should definitely go on your fall break watch list. “ClickBait” is short and binge worthy, making it the perfect show to watch mindlessly and not commit to. I was pleasantly surprised by how unpredictable this show was and I think you will be too. 

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