Men’s soccer stands by their goals during playoffs

The men’s soccer team kept kicking it this season, clinching a home game for the playoffs on Sunday, Oct. 31. The Flyers beat Missouri in a regular season game finale and are now onto the GLVC (The Great Lakes Valley Conference) Tournament. 

“My season so far was pretty good with two GLVC defensive player of the week awards and with my saves I made but for sure one goal is to become a member of the team of the season,  said freshman Sebastian Doppelhofer, who is a transfer student from Liebmannweg, Austria. 

Doppelhofer is the goalie for the men’s soccer team and was also announced player of the week on Nov. 1 by GLVC.  “I also want to come as far as possible and go to the nationals,” said Doppelhofer. “But the main focus for me is to help my team. I don’t look too much on my statistic, if we win and we play well that’s all that matters.”

The game started off strong, with the Flyers securing a spot on the board within 14 minutes with the help of junior Aris Oluwatuyi. 

Lewis kept the lead, as  Jimmy Mwanga scored more goals with the help of senior Domenic Baumann. 

Doppelhofer stopped the only goal fired his way in this game. The game ending score was 3-0. 

“As a team to be ready for our game we all have video analysis and then go together to breakfast which is really good for the team spirit.” said Doppelhorfer. We also have a lot of fun during the practices and off the pitch but when it comes to the game everyone is focused and ready to play and that’s why this season has been really good so far.”

In Friday’s game against Maryville, Doppelhofer made two big saves during the final 15 minutes. Doppelhofer was noticed again for making another save that sent the ball to the lower left corner where he was able to reach behind himself and catch the ball, ending the game with a total of five saves. 

Freshman Godwin Asore also made some big moves, scoring three goals during the game. Others that scored big in this game as well, as Oluwatuyi and Baumanneach scored two goals of their own. 

“We are all very focused right now because it is a big game for us and for the new guys,” said Doppelhofer. “Also for me, it will be a completely new feeling, but we have to play like we played the last games then we will do good on Sunday. I feel very comfortable also when we play in our stadium, and we hope that a lot of people will come to push us because we deserve it.”

The future dates of the men’s soccer games are undetermined as of now, as they are in the playoffs. 

Photo Credit: Luis Chavez

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