Mario Kart Deluxe 8 is ready to race!

A red ““M””  in a white circle has been a fan favorite for decades, signifying only one character: Mario. Yes, it has been decades, as Mario became popular just around the year 2000. Throughout his lifetime, he has gone from the Nintendo 64, to the updated Nintendo Switch.  Other games have survived this lifespan, but none have had the same effect on the culture of today. Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and others are fan favorites no matter where you are.

“Mario Kart” has been around for a long time, and is known well among most of us here at Lewis. Picking the car at first is a matter of style, and the speed, traction, and other statistics as you advance further into the game. Then, of course, you need to pick your character. There are loads of different ranges of characters from your basic Mario and Luigi brothers to Bowser or Princess Peach. 

Nintendo released the newest addition of “Mario Kart,” specified as “Mario Kart Deluxe 8,” in 2017. The game is played on the Nintendo Switch and has many settings customizable to the user.  The game has stunning graphics and beautifully designed maps for players to race across with friends or computer-generated opponents. One of the new cups to pick in this updated version of the game is the “Crossing Cup,” with the final track being inspired by Nintendo’s other hit game “Animal Crossing,” which spiked in popularity during the pandemic.  


There are four different speeds to choose from: 50, 100, 150 and 200, that increase as the number goes up.  In each, the controls are easy to manage. Hearing the countdown before the race, along with the enjoyable music and sound effects (which can vary depending on your character) gets the player hyped and ready to begin the race.  

Additionally, the game has many hidden tracks as well. When you fall off a cliff, as most know, there is a ghost that puts you back on the race track. However, in this version of the game, there are many tracks that run under the main one that each hold many amazing design choices and meet back up with the main track before the lap is over. This is a nice added touch for the klutzes who can’t seem to stay on the track, including myself. 

There are 12 cups included in the initial purchase of the game, making 48 unique tracks to play in this new installment. For those with the Nintendo online package or those who play extra to unlock the DLC, there are 12 more cups to unlock, which would total the amount of playable race tracks to 96. There are other packages to purchase alongside the game, all with different perks, but the included content is enough to keep busy for a long time.  Playing and replaying the game is part of the joy, so fancy tracks or cups aren’t necessary to have a good time.

Overall, “Mario Kart” is a fantastic game and has been since the first edition was released. So pick up a Switch, or find a friend who has one, and hunker down with this nostalgic game while being blown away by the newest features.

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