Lewis: Home to the arts, music and entertainment

Lewis University is not just an academic institution – it’s a thriving community that vibrates with creativity and a commitment to introduce a rich campus life. Students, both residents and commuters, are provided with opportunities to engage in the arts, music and entertainment scene, creating a dynamic and inclusive environment that truly stands out.

One of the highlights of campus life at Lewis is the dedication to providing diverse cultural experiences. From live concerts, to plays and captivating art shows, the University ensures that there is always something for every student to enjoy. These events not only entertain, but contribute to the development of students by exposing them to different forms of expression and creativity.

Music enthusiasts can find joy in the campus’s commitment to showcasing live concerts. Whether it’s a local band, a student performance or known artists, the campus community is always buzzing with excitement. The music scene here not only entertains, but serves as a platform for budding musicians to showcase their talent and for music lovers to connect over shared interests.

The theatrical arts are alive and well at Lewis, with the university hosting plays and performances throughout the academic year. The upcoming audition for “Godspell,” the spring play scheduled for Feb. 20, demonstrated the University’s dedication to hosting a spirited theater community. This opportunity allows students to showcase their acting skills and become a fundamental part of a theatrical production that will fascinate audiences and enrich the cultural fabric of the campus.

Art enthusiasts are not left out either, as Lewis hosts art shows that provide a platform for students to exhibit their creative works. These exhibitions serve as a celebration of artistic expression, fostering an environment where creativity is not just encouraged, but celebrated.

Beyond the traditional realms of arts and music, Lewis distinguishes itself by incorporating humor and improv into its campus life. Comedy improv sessions, led by professors Dr. Kevin Trudeau and Annie Calhoun, bring a unique blend of laughter and intellectual engagement to the community. These sessions showcase the lighter side of academic life and emphasizes the importance of spontaneity and creativity in everyday situations. One of the remarkable aspects of the University’s commitment to its campus life is the inclusivity. The events organized cater to both resident and commuter students, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to partake in the cultural tapestry that the university creates. This inclusivity contributes to the sense of community that defines the Lewis experience.

Lewis is determined to create a rich, friendly and inclusive campus life filled with arts, music and entertainment that sets it apart as an engaging academic institution. The diverse range of events, from live concerts to comedy improv sessions and upcoming auditions for the spring play “Godspell.” These reflect the University’s dedication to nurturing creativity, fostering community and ensures that every student has the opportunity to engage in a vibrant and holistic college experience.

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