Is Barbie Kenough for Lewis?

I think we can all agree that the biggest movie event of the summer was “Barbieheimer”- the release of Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer” and Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” on July 21. I went to see these movies and liked them both, despite being so different. I was curious to see how the campus responded to the Barbie movie, so I set out to see what the real opinions were.

Alex Kohut, a senior nursing major, had a lot of good things to say about the movie. “I loved the movie! I would rate it a 9/10. It was very insightful into today’s society and called out the patriarchy in a very creative way. Not only that, but it taught me what Barbie means to some people. I would definitely recommend the movie!”

Casey Smith, a physics major on the tennis team, explained, “I liked the movie, it was very entertaining and I loved how it was fast paced and everything was so over the top.” She ranked it a 9/10 and said that she would recommend it to others.

Kevin Reyes, a senior forensic criminal investigation major, also had a glowing review of the movie. He said that he “found it enjoyable, since it was funny. One of my favorite characters is Alan. I would rate it 8/10. I liked how it was heartfelt but at the same time uproarious with all the singing and dancing. It isn’t just a movie about dolls and the color pink. There is more to it such as the complicated feelings of Barbie, the Kens’ character development, and all the laughs along the way!”

Similar to my interviewees, I would rate the Barbie movie pretty highly at an 8.5/10. Like Smith, I loved how over the top it was. The set was very colorful and the music was pieced together perfectly for the Barbie vibe. I like Kohut’s perspective of how the message was portrayed. The movie presented deeper and complex themes in a way that was creative and somewhat suggestive.

I agree with Kevin about Alan – he was one of my favorite characters too! I also really liked the role that Will Ferrell played in the movie, but I typically find Ferrell’s characters to be pretty funny. 

Every movie and work of art will have its critics, but the responses I found for the Barbie movie were overwhelmingly positive. As someone who is a big fan of Barbie and played with Barbie dolls growing up, it was super cool to see one of my childhood favorites come to life. I would highly recommend seeing this movie.

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