Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies brings new life to an old tale

Over the summer, a TikTok trend popped up on “For You Pages” across the world. All of them had similar messages: #saveourpinks, save our pink ladies, or some other variation of the same meaning. But beyond the TikTok dances, what is this show? Why are people caring so deeply, and why are they trying to save it?

Originally, “Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies” premiered on Paramount+ with ten episodes in the first season. Each episode had many musical numbers, drawing large amounts of theater and music lovers to the show. It focused on the Pink Ladies gang in the movie “Grease,” effectively bringing the movie’s setting and plot back to life. Hidden references are placed throughout the music and episodes. Feminism runs strong in the show, along with highlighting the struggles of immigrants and people of color. Many of the protagonists aren’t white – which is a major difference since the show is set in the 1950s.

There are four main characters who started up the Pink Ladies gang, including Jane Facciano, the leader of the group, Olivia Valdvinos, who is known by the school for trouble. She’s a pessimist, but incredibly creative. Nancy Nakagawa is an aspiring fashion designer who works at her parents’ restaurant, The Frosty Palace. She’s brutal and straight forward in confrontation, and doesn’t take interest in things other girls her age do. And cannot forget Cynthia Zdunowski, who hangs out with the T-Birds. She despises all things girly and hates the color pink, but she eventually agreed to the name “The Pink Ladies.”

The Pink Ladies hang out with the T-Birds from the original movie, consisting of Richie (Olivia’s older brother), Gil, Potato and Shy Guy. Cynthia hangs out with them before the pep rally in the first episode, demonstrated in the song “New Cool.” It is said to be an ode to the original “Grease Lightning,” and Cynthia, who is played by Ari Notartomaso, absolutely nails it. They bring such a bright character into Cynthia.

The tenth and final episode of the season premiered on June 1, only to have the series taken down a few weeks later on June 23, which only made fans furious. Some thought that part of the reason it was taken down was due to the lesbian relationship blossoming in the show between two beloved characters.

As a result, fans took to social media, blasting through to any streaming services they could think of and creating #saveourpinks to reach producers. The show had no streaming platform, despite being nominated for two Emmys.

Finally, the Pink Ladies have been brought back to life, now streaming on iTunes, Vudu and Amazon. There is also a DVD of the show.  Fans have to pay per episode to gain access to the show.  But nonetheless, this show brought the hit movie “Grease” back to life, and brought itself back from the pits of despair.

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