Stop judging people for liking basic things

It’s finally fall and that means it is officially pumpkin spice season. Fall is the time the “basic” girl reaches her prime with sweaters, leggings, Uggs and pumpkin spice everything. However, this year, let’s not judge people for liking basic things. 

For something to even become basic, it has to first be popular. Pumpkin spice lattes are really good. There’s a reason Starbucks and Dunkin’ bring them back every year. The first day they are released, their lines are full of customers ordering the latte and the menu has been expanded to include other variations of the popular flavor. That first taste of pumpkin spice indicates it is officially fall. 

The popularity of pumpkin spice can further be seen walking through the grocery store with shelves of pumpkin spice cookies, ice cream and eggnog.

Fall is many Americans’ favorite season, including mine. The changing leaves, cool breeze and perfect weather for leggings and sweaters are unmatched. Summer just brings sweat, winter brings shivers and spring is just wet. Don’t ruin this beautiful season by judging people for liking popular things. 

If people need to drink pumpkin spice lattes to enjoy fall, let them. There are so many terrible things that happen in this world and everyone already has plenty of their own stress to deal with, so it is unfair and unnecessary to add to that stress. People should be able to go to Starbucks, order the drink they want and not be judged for it. People like what they like; who cares if millions of other people also like it? In fact, that means the people judging would probably like it too. 

If pumpkin spice isn’t for you, that’s okay too. No one should judge you for not liking the flavor, just like no one should be judged for loving the flavor. 

Besides pumpkin spice, fall brings “basic” outfits. These usually consist of leggings, a sweater, tall boots and maybe a scarf. While the boots and scarf are not my style, it is cute and no matter how many people you see walking around campus in some variation of this outfit, there is no need to judge someone. Fashion is a personal choice and it is inappropriate to judge someone for choosing to wear what they feel comfortable wearing. 

This doesn’t just apply for fall. No one should ever have to be judged for liking a certain style, drink or other traditionally basic things. Who cares if some random Tinder guy calls you basic? I know I will be enjoying this fall weather in my warm sweaters and leggings with a pumpkin spice latte in my hand.

Photo Credit: Darin Oswald/Idaho Statesman/TNS

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