Expand your horizon with career fairs

Lewis will be hosting a career fair on October 18.

Throughout the school year, the Department of Career Services actively organizes a series of events aimed at connecting students with job and internship opportunities beyond campus. These events serve as invaluable platforms for students to explore potential career paths.

The Career Services Department has hosted a multitude of diverse events for the past 10 years. During the fall semester, they are able to host three events, those being the Accounting Networking event, Career Day and Meet the Firms. In the Spring semester they host one event, which is the Career Expo. 

As of recently, all students received an email from the department with the different events and their respective dates for the semester. The calendar counts with information about the different companies that are hosting the meeting and the dates that these will take place. 

To further empower students in their career journeys, the university offers various resources and support systems. Students can enhance their skills and confidence by utilizing services like the writing center, where they can refine their resumes and cover letters. Additionally, students can seek guidance from their advisors and success coaches, ensuring they are well-prepared and informed about their career options.

The Department of Career Services plays a pivotal role by providing comprehensive assistance to students. They offer valuable support in crafting resumes and cover letters, equipping students with essential tools to navigate the competitive job market successfully. Through these initiatives, Lewis fosters a proactive environment where students are not only encouraged, but also well-prepared to achieve their career goals.

Career advisor and employee-relations specialist Joanne Rodriguez, explains what the purpose of the career fairs are, “College career fairs offer students a chance to explore these entry level options and to talk with employers about what makes an ideal employee for those positions.”

“It helps students practice their networking skills, learn how to present their professional side, as well as a chance to practice their “elevator” speech, a brief 20 to 30-second way of introducing themself, getting across a key point or two, and making a connection with someone.” 

With all of these resources right at the hands of the students, it’s imperative to utilize them while they have it. With our university being the size it is, it can be easier to make those connections and become more memorable to the services it provides.

Rodriguez also commented, “Students will meet interesting companies that they may have never heard of. They will be expanding their horizons, professionally, and increasing their opportunities to find a job, both in the short and long terms.”

These events are very crucial for the students to attend, since it provides multiple opportunities to learn of different companies and make plans for the future.

Photo Credits: Katherine Groppe

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