EmpowHER women’s group discusses biblical texts

On Jan. 20, a women’s bible study group called EmpowHER had their second meeting of the semester in the D’Arcy Great Room, located in the University Ministry. Senior psychology major Hannah Yep and sophomore PR and marketing major Grace Sueflohn, co-lead this women’s group on Lewis’ campus.

“The EmpowHER women’s group is just a women’s group that is like a Bible study that comes together and talks about what it means to be a woman in the eyes of God and in ourselves,” said senior psychology major Hannah Yep. “We usually use Bible verses and sometimes, we also like to watch empowering videos or different activities that kind of bring us together culturally, as a community.”

The group meets every Thursday at 7 p.m. in the D’Arcy Great Room but they are hoping to find time outside of their meetings to meet with each other.

“Especially this semester, we’re thinking about organizing different service activities that we need to do, in order to show love to the community,” said Yep. “Sometimes we’ll have these activities so that way we’re growing into a fellowship and community.”

The purpose of having an organization like this at Lewis is unique compared to other bible study groups here, because there wasn’t one that was gender specific. Female students in the group can say whatever is on their mind because it’s a safe space for them to talk.

“We have a lot of other Bible studies here on campus, but there wasn’t one that was gender specific,” said Yep. “Having an all women’s group kind of allows women to come together and maybe talk about things that maybe would be uncomfortable if men were in the room and likewise, with the men’s group, where the men come together.”

Students, specifically women, are encouraged to join this organization because it’s for women who want to further their relationship with God, but who also want to find other like minded women to talk to about what it means to be a woman in the eyes of God.

“It’s really great for women who may be searching or need to find a way to deepen their relationship with God, in the presence of other women,” said Yep.

Photo Credit: Katelyn Leano

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