Earth Day Clean-Up Day promotes a sustainable campus

Earth Day

On April 22, as part of celebrating Earth Day, about 11 students participated in Lewis’ Clean-Up Day by walking down the path of the Burnham Centennial Nature Trail by Lot W, and picking up the trash.

“The purpose of having a Clean-Up Day at Lewis is to raise awareness around litter that ends up on our campus and in our community,” said Director of Sustainability and Facilities Administration John Lerczak. “At the start of the clean-up, participants are encouraged to download the Litterati app and contribute to the Trash Bash.”

When participating students arrived on campus, they had to meet up with everyone else in front of the nature trail. There, while following the Flyers Promise, they were given a garbage bag and gloves. Students, faculty and staff spent about two hours cleaning up around the nature trail.

This event benefited students who participated in it because it let them see just how much garbage people litter on campus and it also let them play their own part in keeping the campus clean.

“By students participating, they will reduce the amount of waste that ends up in our waterways and reduce the impact on local ecosystems,” said Lerczak.

As students were walking down the trail, they had to be careful of some of the native plant species, such as poison ivy, poison oak and poison sumac. Many of the plant species that are common for this area, and found along the trail, may have sharp spines, poisonous barbs or fruits that may stain hands/clothing.

Maintaining a clean, sustainable environment is important for Lewis because since the school is committed to keeping our campus clean, it’s important for everyone in the community to do their part in keeping it as clean as they can.

“Cleaning up the nature trail contributes to the celebration of Earth Day by being part of protecting our Earth’s natural resources and being stewards of the Earth,” said Lerczak. “The actions we take are integral in the healing of the Earth as we take part in activities that are going to raise awareness on environmental issues.”

Lerczak hopes that this event will raise awareness of the environmental impacts of littering in our communities.

“It will be an eye-opening experience for participants as they identify some of the products that people litter that end up on our campus and impact our communities,” said Lerczak.

Photo credit: John Lerczak

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