LASO welcomes everyone to participate in Días de los Muertos

A two-day celebration of remembering loved ones and what they cherished most runs from Nov. 1 -2, known as Días de los Muertos. The Latino American Student Organization (LASO) and Lewis community came together to celebrate this annual holiday.

For Días de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, an ofrenda — or a decorated table with candles and pictures of people’s loved ones on it —  is created. Lights placed on the table are meant to guide the loved one’s way back to the family home. Beside the pictures are the loved one’s most cherished items from their favorite food to their favorite hobby. 

Last year, LASO was unable to create a community ofrenda due to the pandemic, so this year they were happy to be back to continue the tradition across campus.

“Last year, we just had a slideshow of everyone’s loved ones and shared our memories,” said junior biology major and LASO’s president Rigoberto Garcia. “We are thankful to be back and have an ofrenda on campus.”

Garcia explained there is no specific way to have an ofrenda, but overall, it’s a similar practice outside of the university.

Back home in Mexico, Garcia’s family’s ofrenda dates back to his great-great-grandmother. 

“It’s crazy because you carry on the tradition and remember every food your family ate,” said Garcia.

Regardless of one’s culture, Garcia explained everyone can join in on this tradition, which is why LASO invited the entire Lewis community to join in.

“We want to remember everyone’s loved ones… There’s never a problem with appropriating culture, as long as people have the correct aspect,” said Garcia.

Several non-members of LASO participated by leaving pictures on the ofrenda in the Brother James Gaffney, FSC Student Center. Students were also welcome to bring in pictures of pets that have passed.

“Sometimes you may forget your loved ones and this is the time to just sit and think,” said Garcia.

Lewis Dining also celebrated Dias de Los Muertos by offering sweets, including churros, in Charlie’s Place.

Photo Credit: Jada Hoffman

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