Nursing students collaborate, encourage booster shot across campus

On Oct. 21, the booster shot for all three COVID-19 vaccines, Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson, became available. 

Those eligible for the booster shot include those who are 65 and older, 18 and older who received Pfizer or Moderna and those over 18 years old who have weakened immune systems and work in long-term care settings. Anyone who received the Johnson and Johnson vaccine automatically qualifies for the booster shot.

To help keep cases low, Lewis hosted a booster vaccine clinic on Friday, Nov. 12 in Memorial Hall. Nursing students from the Health Promotion class helped promote the clinic for about two weeks in the Arts and Science Hallway, the Brother James Gaffney, FSC. Student Center and even at athlete’s practices.

Senior nursing major Miranda Beverly said she enjoyed talking to students about potentially receiving the booster shot.

“The booster [shot] is important because it’s designed for people to maintain a level of immunity,” said Beverly.

Beverly explained that the COVID-19 booster, compared to other shots, will be most effective simply because the vaccine and booster doses are given so close to each other. Meanwhile, with other shots, their boosters may be less effective because the shots are typically from years ago.

Beverly plans on getting her booster shot, but wants to prepare for the potential side effects.

The risks are the same as the original dose and for me I was really fatigued, so I just want to ensure when I get my booster I’m prepared,” said Beverly.

Aside from doing research and knowing if one is eligible for the booster or not, Beverly also reminds students to bring their vaccination card so that it can be updated. 

Even if one decides not to receive the booster shot, they are still deemed fully vaccinated.

“Fully vaccinated means you have received all the shots of the original series, so if someone doesn’t want the booster right now or can’t get it, they are still considered fully vaccinated,” Beverly said.

Lewis plans on having more booster vaccine clinics in the future. The date of the next clinic is yet to be determined.

Photo Credit: Jada Hoffman

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