Coming to an end: Finals

It is that dreaded time of year yet again. That time of year that we all loath, yet time after time, hurl ourselves into the week of finals. The final week, but interestingly enough, it is also the hardest. May it be a cluster of projects, papers, presentations or a combination, along with stress that is beyond high. Some may say they are miserable, of which I can say I’m part of such a group as life hits like a brick wall that all must climb. 


As classes finally come to an end, our knowledge and perseverance are tested as we either are prepared and feel confident, or didn’t pay attention and now it’s time to cram study. Either study method is understandable as one must question just how much information we will truly take with us to pass the milestone that is the conclusion of a course. In any matter, spirits are about to be raised or crushed based on how this next week turns out. Some will have to decide to grind for a grade they need to get up or perhaps cut their losses and focus on the salvageable, as all are a mixture of these in some way, shape or form. 


Finals week is more than just a week designed to make us all grow gray hairs from stress, but it is also the end of one journey and the start of another; may that be considered a positive or not. Many of us do enjoy most of our classes, even if not all of them. The ending of the good ones is a bittersweet experience as we are moving on towards something unknown. On the other side of the coin, many of us have classes that we can’t stand. Such classes are more than ready to leave behind an uncomfortability that simply had to be dredged through. May your feelings towards the ending of this semester’s classes be swayed more by positivity or negativity, the end of this semester’s journey is at an end either way.


As the light at the end of the tunnel draws closer, we are greeted with the sights of lights, snow and festivities. After the worrisome finals week, all are able to finally head home and be with their families. There is something to surely look forward to once this stressful week is over. Granted, this weighs far heavier for we who are residents from far away. 


For me personally, I am more than excited to finally go home and see my family for the first time in two months, and it is a break that is much needed. I know that many who, like myself, are out-of-state or even who call far beyond the border of this country home and can’t wait to finally go home. The question of who’s more excited, we who are going home to see our families or our families who have missed us dearly is always in the air. 

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