Broadcasting on campus: Engaging students beyond the classroom


There is a radio station and television network that operates right on campus. It is located on the second floor of the De La Salle building. Lewis University Television Network (LUTN) is a student television station. The station is owned by the university itself and is operated by the College of Arts and Sciences – Communications Department. LUTN has two cable television channels – channel six and 25. As an essential platform for student voices, LUTN transcends mere broadcasting, becoming a transformative force for those who walk its halls.


LUTN serves as a dynamic crucible where students merge passion with professionalism, honing their craft in an environment that students can learn from. Professor and Producer Tracy Hemmingway shares, “It’s an opportunity to gain real world experience both in-front and behind the camera. It gives students great leadership skills and an opportunity to get involved as early as a freshman. If you have an idea for a tv show you can pitch and produce it”. They have news broadcasting and captivating talk shows, LUTN empowers students to craft their narratives, fostering a culture of curiosity, courage and creativity.


This network is more than just a platform—it’s an incentive for growth, innovation and community engagement. Here, students not only learn the technical intricacies of media production but also cultivate essential skills in communication, collaboration and critical thinking. Through hands-on experience and mentorship, they emerge as expert storytellers, equipped to navigate the evolving landscape of the media industry.


Beyond the studio lights, LUTN serves as a bridge between campus and community, amplifying local voices and promoting the causes that resonate with our audience. Whether shining a light on social justice issues, celebrating cultural diversity or showcasing the achievements of students, LUTN is committed to using its platform for positive change.


In the tapestry of Lewis University’s vibrant campus life, LUTN stands as a colorful thread, constructing together the diverse voices, talents and aspirations of our student body. It is a space where creativity knows no bounds, where ideas take flight and where the transformative power of storytelling grows. 


As we look to the future, LUTN continues its mission to empower the next generation of media professionals, equipping them with the skills, confidence and passion to make their mark on the world. Through LUTN, students find not only a platform for expression but also a community of like-minded individuals united in their commitment to making a difference.


In the emerging landscape of higher education and media, LUTN stands as a beacon of continuity, resilience and innovation—a testament to the enduring power of student engagement and expression.


In conclusion, the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities will engage students with new skills, express themselves and contribute to campus culture. They have various positions that can be engaging to students. Students should participate in or shadow to see if there’s shared any interest inside the broadcasting community. Feel free to reach out to Tony Denaris for more information on how to get involved with LUTN. 

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