Breathing exercises help with stress

Stress is one of those things that everyone experiences in some shape or form. A very helpful and easy way to help with stress is to practice breathing exercises, preferably on a daily basis. 


Besides helping with stress, breathing exercises can help increase lung capacity, which can improve oxygen delivery to the body and reduce the risk of respiratory problems. Along with that,  it can help lower blood pressure by reducing the activity of the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for the “fight or flight” response that can increase blood pressure. Lowering blood pressure as well as improving focus and concentration by increasing the flow of oxygen to the brain can help improve cognitive function. Lastly, practicing breathing exercises can help promote relaxation and reduce stress, which can help improve the quality of your sleep. Overall, breathing exercises are a simple and effective way to improve your physical and mental health. By practicing them regularly, you can experience a range of benefits and improve your overall well-being.


It may sound ridiculous to practice breathing because we do it all day without even realizing it, but sometimes we need to actually let ourselves breathe and regroup ourselves. This is a stressful world we live in nowadays and it can get distracting not prioritizing our mental health. But even helping our mental health can improve our physical health.  


The National Health Service (U.K) provides a simple breathing exercise that can be done for stress, anxiety and panic. They do mention that it will benefit most if you do it regularly and make it part of your daily routine. You can do the breathing exercise either by standing up, sitting in a chair that supports your back or lying on a bed or yoga mat on the floor. You should make yourself as comfortable as possible. If possible, wear loose clothes that restrict your breathing in any way. If you’re lying down, make sure to place your arms a little bit away from your sides with your palms up. Your legs should either be straight, or you could bend your knees so that your feet are flat on the floor. If you’re sitting down, just place your arms on the chair arms, or if the chair doesn’t have arms, let your hands rest in your lap. 


The breathing exercise goes as follows: 

  1. Let your breath flow as deep down into your belly as is comfortable, without forcing it.
  2. Try breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  3. Breathe gently and regularly. Some people find it helpful to count steadily from 1 to 5. You may not be able to reach 5 at first.
  4. Let it flow out gently, counting from 1 to 5 again, if you find this helpful.
  5. Keep doing this for at least 5 minutes.


And that’s it! This a simple and effective way to help your stress. And, if you do it on a regular basis, it’ll even improve your mental and physical health. Practice makes perfect and it’s worth giving it a shot.

Phot Credits: nosleeplessnights

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