Boston Strangler

With so many streaming platforms available today, it’s hard to know which ones to have so you can watch the movies you want. If you have Hulu, though, you are in luck, because one of their newest movies, “Boston Strangler”, is a must watch!


Filmed in Boston, and released about a month ago, this film dives into the story of Loretta McLaughlin, and how she connected a series of murders and as a reporter broke the story of the Boston Strangler. 


With Jean Cole, the reporting duo challenged sexism in the early 1960’s, and while working in a field dominated by men at the time, they reported on Boston’s most notorious serial killer. 


Loretta McLaughlin’s role is taken on by Keira Knightley, who I have been a fan of since her role as Elizabeth Swann in “Pirates of the Caribbean”. I think she does a great job of embodying who McLaughlin was, and the pressures that surrounded her during that time in life. Loretta McLaughlin had a full family at home, with three kids, all while trying to be the first to find and report on information about the serial killer, who was eventually dubbed with the name Boston Strangler.


Jean Cole is played by Carrie Coon, who has had roles in a variety of works such as Gone Girl, Avengers Infinity War, and the tv show The Gilded Age. At first, Jean Cole is assigned to report with Loretta Mclaughlin to keep her in check. Their superiors at the Record American thought that while there was something to Mclaughlin’s story, Loretta was making too many claims that didn’t have enough information to back it up. However, the two became much more than work acquaintances, and they decided to work together to prevent more Boston women from being murdered. 


McLaughlin and Cole had to combat backlash from their superiors at the Record American, as well as retaliation from the Boston police force who were conducting investigations on the series of murders and didn’t think that there was anything that connected them. However, McLaughlin and Cole were able to obtain evidence from the crime scene, as well as photos, and were able to piece together similarities that connected the majority of the unsolved cases.


This movie had plenty of suspense and action, and it also focused on the homelife of Loretta McLaughlin, where the toll of her reporting job put pressure on her family. I think that it accurately portrayed the case, at least based on the research that I’ve done. 


In my opinion it was a great movie, and I would recommend it to anybody looking for something to watch. While I am biased, and usually enjoy documentary type-pieces as well as historical and crime-mystery things, this movie was a good one regardless of my personal preferences.

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