‘Behind Her Eyes’ is worth the watch

Behind Her Eyes

‘Behind Her Eyes’ is one of Netflix’s newest shows out at the moment. It follows a young woman by the name of Louise (Simona Brown) whose life is fundamentally boring. She works, she takes care of her son and she has become sort of a recluse in terms of her social life. That is until one night when she goes out looking for the excitement that she dearly misses. 

She meets David (Tom Bateman) and Adele (Eve Hewson), a seemingly normal couple with big secrets to hide. Soon after, Louise becomes entangled in their web and realizes just how twisted people can be. 

This Limited Series is based on Sarah Pinborugh’s book of the same name and closely goes along with the screenplay. The first episodes are oddly slow and completely eerie. It moves at a pace that is weird for a thriller but this is absolutely on purpose. The slow burn is used to build upon the mystery of the show and to clue in the viewers that something is not quite right. Of the six episodes to watch, things don’t become clear until the fifth episode. 

The show deals with serious topics, such as mental health, trauma and lucid dreaming. Also, the show is rich in flashback sequences that allude to the dark pasts of David and Adele. The show does a wonderful job of switching back and forth between perspectives and mixing the different storylines without confusing the audience. Many shows make the mistake of jumping into the action without explaining the backstory of its characters. With this series, you get an idea of who everyone is and quite honestly began to hate them all. 

The main premise of the show is definitely adding something unique to the genre of thriller and the twist ending is one you’ll never see coming. The ending is great in terms of forwardness, but also so absurd to the point of being ridiculous. It was going great until matters of continuity and bad writing came into play and stepped in at the last minute. The way things wrapped up was underwhelming and disappointing. It’s like having the rug yanked from underneath you, just when you truly invest in the show, it ends on an unsatisfactory cliffhanger.  

Regardless of the ending and the outlandish twist and turns, the acting performances are deeply convincing. The cast has done a great job and will absolutely sell this crazy mess of a story. The series is not only fun, but is deeper than meets the eye. It’s heavy and dark, so that is something to keep in mind before watching. At times the nature of this show may scare you more than you are prepared, but you’ve been warned.  

“Behind Her Eyes” is the perfect drama, it’s weird but perfect for binge-watching. The series is full of lies, deceit and confusion but will definitely keep you interested and keep you guessing. The show is wild, but if you’re willing to follow the story, you will be sucked in in no time. Whether you love it or hate it, you’ll soon admit to yourself that it was worth watching. 

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