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Making the switch from cord to cloud


It may be hard to remember, but at one point in the not so distant past buying an expensive cable service was the only option for watching TV at home.  

The 21st century classroom: Blending traditional instruction models with digital learning


As streaming media continues to grow in popularity and functionality, educators and administrators debate its usefulness within the classroom.  

Changing the entertainment game: Making money in the new digital age


The video game industry has advanced beyond the Nintendo 64 of our childhood. “Paper Boy,” “Donkey Kong” and “Mario Kart” were all games considered to be the peak of performance during the 90s.  

Digital age brings new health concerns to light


With the constant availability of streaming services and the technological advancements in digital devices, technology users can be active on more devices than ever before, whether it be at home, school or work.       

Free streaming at the cost of security


Legitimate streaming services have expanded the way that people experience media at their fingertips, but not without a price.  

Streaming isn't killing the movie industry. Here's why.


The multitude of streaming services offered by Netflix, Apple, Amazon and other media services have led many people to question if movie theaters have been negatively impacted.


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The ramifications of illegal streaming


 Anyone who likes movies or TV shows has probably streamed them at some point.  

Sports and Streaming Media


 In the 2012 Summer Olympics, there was a major fail by NBC when they decided to tape delay the games.