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Lana Del Ray’s Latest Masterpiece Has Arrived

Bekka Dvorak, Reporter 

Sept. 9, 2019

Lana Del Rey’s newly anticipated album, “Norman Fu**ing Rockwell!” is here and fans could not be more thrilled with its turn out. 

The American projection of cherry Coke and Springsteen nostalgia is presented once again in each song. 

With what is considered to be her “deepest” album, “Norman Fu**ing Rockwell!” is anything but a practical record. It lives up to Del Rey’s California ‘50s image but indulges in breathless romance instead of a whirlwind of beautiful chaotic love tragedies. 

The album produces a metaphysical exploration of what the era was like in Norman Rockwell’s time. While there are still characteristics of Del Rey's past albums, such as drug abuse, political unrest and the obvious boy toys, her latest album also highlights one of Del Rey’s personal struggles: depression. 

The breathing room of the record also gives an intimacy instead of words fading into the background of drum machines and an overpowered bass line. 

Though the album is inspiring California dreams of love, it does feature a newly warped tune we are all familiar with.  

One of her new hits includes the remake of Sublime’s 1996 hit, “Doin’ Time.” Giving the song a dreamy ocean slant, Del Rey offers a gender-flipped interpretation that gives a layer of complexity to a song that already had very little to begin with. 

“So, this is the American dream right now; this is where we are at,” Del Rey said in an interview with AV Music’s Annie Zaleski. 

Overall, the record accurately represents Del Rey and her ‘50s California nostalgic vibe while showing her growth and newest realizations in life and love.