Classic zombie survival game makes comeback

Andrew Munoz, Reporter

Gamers rejoice with nostalgia as the classic zombie survival-puzzle game “Resident Evil 2” returns in remastered form to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. First released over 20 years ago on the original PlayStation, “Resident Evil 2” players considered the game’s graphic rendering, during that time, to be fairly realistic.

Oh, yes. Late ‘90s video games certainly loved graphic cut scenes, wonderful AI interactions and somewhat responsive gameplay. Fast forward to today, and “Resident Evil 2” now immerses players into a 3D world where lighting and shadows actually align, stages and levels are atmospheric and character expressions and bodily motions are far more realistic, making the original game look like T-ball and the new, remastered version the New York Yankees.

The game begins by informing players that a zombie outbreak has occurred in their city. Players are tasked with finding answers about the origin of the outbreak as well as an escape plan and solution. Gamers play as Leon and Claire, two brave characters who are burdened with one job: surviving the horrors of a stereotypical zombie apocalypse long enough to get out alive.

“Resident Evil 2” developers Capcom Co. used a brand-new game engine to help fuel the new look and responsive controls. Players relive an updated feel of Racoon City police station while exploring its familiar surroundings. Old puzzles and missions are recreated to give surprise twists and challenges. The city is still divided into 3 major areas where players can enjoy exploring dark corners with a dim flashlight and using an unnecessary amount of ammunition to kill zombies. Praying to God there is not a jump scare around the corner, players scream like little kids when it happens even though they fully knew it was coming.

Leon and Claire still serve as heroic figures in the remastered version of the game, and gamers can play the story over from the perspective of the other character when finished with the first. Limited backpack space and resources serve to make the game more challenging as the story progresses but character upgrades such as heals, armor and extra backpack space can be acquired to ease the stress.

Although some features of the original game—like the huge spider-zombies that were easily the scariest part of play—were sacrificed, Capcom did a fantastic job of recreating a 1998 world in 2019, causing an outbreak of good memories for many members of the video game community.