Player Spotlight: Zach LaVine

Matt Vogrin, Asst. Sports Editor


The Bulls are off to slow start this year but there is one player that has stood out all season - Zach LaVine. The point guard averages 25.9 points per game, which is sixth best in the NBA. LaVine is also averaging five rebounds a game and four assists a game which compliments his scoring ability well. 

Entering his second year on the team, he has been putting on a show this year. LaVine has had some electric dunks that have even put opposing teams’ crowds on their feet. The Bulls have been a good fast break team and LaVine brings this to another level with his speed and his ability to finish at the rim. 

LaVine has struggled with injuries in his career, only playing in 24 games last season, but so far this season he has been able to remain healthy. He has been explosive this year and has showed no signs of knee trouble which is promising for the future of the Chicago Bulls. 

He has been locked in and focused this season despite the lack of experience on the roster. His scoring average has improved compared to last season’s 16.7 points per game. “I’ll do whatever I gotta do to try to put points on the board or help us win,” said LaVine before practice to NBC Sports Chicago. “If that’s scoring, facilitating, rebounding, whatever it is. It’s scoring for us right now. I’ll continue to do that until we need something else.”

The Bulls rank in the bottom half of teams in terms of scoring. They have been very dependent on LaVine because of the youth of the team. The Bulls are focusing on developing their young talent and building a roster around LaVine, who seems to have embraced the leadership role. Chicago has used him at the point guard position as well as the shooting guard position. LaVine mostly plays the shooting guard role, but late in games the Bulls have made sure LaVine has the ball even if that means having him bring the ball up the court. 

“I give Zach a lot credit,” coach Fred Hoiberg said on 670 the score. “For as much volume as he has at the offensive end right now, for as much as we’re playing through him, he’s growing on making the simple play and getting better with that. It needs to continue. We just need to make the right play,” said Hoiberg.

 The Bulls will look to continue running the offense through LaVine as they get deeper into the season. 

His best game of the season came against the New York Knicks on Nov. 5, scoring a season high of 41 points. He contributed four assists as well as four rebounds. At this current rate, LaVine is on track to potentially make the Eastern Conference All-Star team.

Chicago is currently 12th in the Eastern Conference, holding a record of 4-11, with 67 games remaining in the regular season.

The Bulls will face the Suns, Heat, Timberwolves and Spurs before facing off against one of the Eastern Conference’s best, the Milwaukee Bucks. These will be some important games that will test the young Bulls team. 

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