Three Stanley Cups is not enough

Ben Kasbeer, Contributor


Coach Joel Quenneville was fired by the Chicago Blackhawks on Tuesday, Nov. 6, after his team lost in the first round of playoffs two years in a row and missed the playoffs altogether this season. The firing of Coach Quenneville, better known as “Coach Q” or simply as “Q,” came as a shock to all and was totally uncalled for. 

Coach Q was used as a scapegoat for the Blackhawks’ current problems. They are tied up into four players which causes salary and cap space problems. They also have a very young team which comes with losses and will take time to develop. 

Chicago decided to drop their veteran coach and instead hire the youngest coach in NHL history, Jeremy Colliton. He so far hasn’t done much to turn this team around, but it seems they are trying to go in the direction of a young coach to guide their young team. 

Quenneville won three Stanley Cup Championships and was influential in bringing the Blackhawks to new heights. When he was hired in 2008, it took him only two years for them to win the Stanley Cup in 2010. He then was able to bring the Cup back to Chicago in 2013 and 2015.

It doesn’t make sense for the Blackhawks to not let Quenneville coach through the rest of his contract. They already paid him to coach for the next season at least, so why fire him now? They could have at least let him try to prove himself through this season before letting him go. Chicago is a young team and unless they clear up cap space and solve other various problems nothing will get better.

There are worrisome problems for this Blackhawks team, but it wasn’t Coach Q who was worrying Blackhawks fans, it was other issues. Those issues weren’t solved with his firing and won’t be solved until General Manager Stan Bowman does something. 

This was upsetting to a lot of Blackhawks fans, including myself, but Coach Q will get another job and he will probably coach as if he has something to prove. The firing wasn’t the most ideal scenario, and hopefully the Blackhawks will make the most out of their season. This is now crunch time for the organization to prove that the move they made was the right one and will “fix” the problems that the franchised claimed Coach Q “caused.”