Women's lacrosse closes out inaugural season

Ben Kasbeer, Contributor

The goal in sports is to have a dynasty that goes onto have winning seasons for almost every year, but this is not an easy goal to achieve. The even harder thing to pull off in sports is to start a program from scratch. This is what Lewis and Coach Kirk Lamitie attempted to do this spring.

On Sunday, April 28 the women’s lacrosse team took the field for the last time in their 2019 season debut. They went up against the only team that they had beaten the season. They scored their most goals in the game that they have all year, but still came up short losing 17-22 to Ashland University.

Women’s Lacrosse  was a brand new program and it went through a lot of first year program woes. They didn’t have a full roster which made it hard for players who had to play the entire game. Their defense and goalies struggled to make stops on the opponents offense. The offense had games where they scored a lot or struggled to find holes in the other GLIAC teams defense. 

Their first year ended on a 1-12 record, but this is the start that was expected for the Flyers, because playing against teams that have had their programs for a few years is not something that just anyone can do. 

“I see my team being able to go to the conference tournament since we will be able to have more girls come in next year,” said Patricia Fotto when asked about the team expectations for next year.

Coach Lamitie and the rest of the girls hope to improve on their skill set and also build a bigger roster so players can get more rest during actual games. The Flyers want to take this year as a learning experience and hope to come back stronger next year. 

“We will definitely be a better team next year then we were this year. ” Patrica Fotto added about their team expectations.