Patriots survive in Kansas City

Matt Vogrin, Assistant Sports Editor

The New England Patriots defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in Kansas City to advance to the Super Bowl. The Patriots led most of the game but needed overtime in order to win.  

The Chiefs were down going into the fourth quarter but were able come all the way back and force overtime. Despite the Patriots taking a three-point lead with only 39 seconds left, the Chiefs were able to drive down the field and kick a field goal to send the game into overtime.  

The Patriots won the toss and elected to get the ball to start the overtime period. On their drive, quarterback Tom Brady would throw what appeared to be an interception, but an offsides penalty on the Chiefs kept the drive alive. The Patriots and Tom Brady would do what they always do and fight off three four third down and longs to score the game winning touchdown. This touchdown sent the Patriots to the Super Bowl for the third year in a row. It also marks the ninth time since 2001 that the Patriots will play in the Super Bowl.  

Tom Brady was not perfect in the AFC Championship but better conducted himself by turning the momentum around in overtime so his team could win. This might go down as one of the greatest games Tom Brady has ever played, especially since he is now 41 years old. A classic Patriots AFC Championship sends them to the Super Bowl as their dynasty in the NFL continues on.