'Santa Clarita Diet' review/recap

Becca Dvorak, Contributor

Netflix’s gory show, “Santa Clarita Diet,” may have started off a bit boring, but it has quickly become a hit sensation and is now on its third season. 

During season one, viewers learn about the lives of Joel and Sheila Hammond, realtors living a simple life in Santa Clarita, California. After having a somewhat tasteful clam dinner, Sheila becomes violently ill while her and Joel are trying to sell a house. After coughing up a red ball, experiencing a loss of appetite and only finding solace in raw meat, Sheila and Joel turn to their daughter Abby’s neighbor friend Eric to discover Sheila is now undead.

After killing Eric’s cop stepdad, awkward sexual tension between Eric and Abby, a few hilarious quotes and shenanigans, Sheila killing and eating Gary — Sheila’s competition who also tried to force himself on her — the season has a witty ending with a talking head.

With the first season picking up a successful turnout, the go for season two was filmed and added to Netflix with a cheer from fans. In the second season of this hit comedy, we learn about the origins of the clams that changed Sheila, along with that of the little red ball that popped out when she got violently ill. Of course, with this knowledge, the Hammond’s also discover secret ancient societies circling around the zombie outbreak and the red ball.

On top of this, Sheila and Joel have to tread lightly since Eric’s mom has a new lover, Anne, who just so happened to be Eric’s stepdad’s partner on the force. With Anne snooping around to uncover the many deaths in town and trying to figure out the death of Eric’s stepdad, the new society showing its face and even more awkward sexual tension between Abby and Eric, the Hammond’s are doing everything they can to appear as a lowkey modern family with an unknown hidden dark secret.

Also, there’s a talking head in their basement. Give or take a few details and you are now caught up for season three of this hilarious zombie thriller.

The new season will provide more background on Mr. Ball Legs (the red ball), the secret society and the murderous group who kills undeads, a few new undeads with no idea on how to remain hidden, Anne discovering Sheila’s secret and Abby and Eric dealing with the aftermath of blowing up a fracking site. All of this, a few more nitty details, and Gary running the Hammond’s new solo retail business in the basement from a headset is everything fans can witness in the new season.