OMSS Celebrates Global Diversity Awareness Month Every Month

global diversity

Every year, the month of October is dedicated as Global Diversity Awareness Month. The goal of the month is to appreciate the diversity of all the different cultures that brings the world together. 

The Office of Multicultural Student Services (OMSS) celebrates global diversity every month by dedicating each month towards an underrepresented group of people. For October, a LGBTQ+ and an Afro-futurism event will be held virtually.

OMSS understands that accepting the differences of people’s backgrounds can help society grow and improve as a whole. One can gain more knowledge about someone’s culture, which helps them grow socially. To be able to have different conversations with people that speak different languages and come from different cultures is especially important.

In this fashion, a Zoom presentation will be presented by Dr. Timothy Bussey and Alex Ryan on Oct. 8 that discusses the challenges and victories in the fight for LGBTQ+ equity. On Oct. 12, an event featuring Octavia Butler about Afro-futurism and peace teaching, co-sponsored by Women’s Studies will occur. These events are just a few examples of how OMSS celebrates diversity.

OMSS also hosts Unity Dialogue monthly, which allows students, “To share information, engage in dialogue, and discuss their experiences as a unified front,” as described. Black Student Union, Gender Sexuality Alliance, Latin American Student Organization and the Gospel Choir help run the monthly meetings. This assists in further promoting Global Diversity Awareness by having diverse groups of people together. 

According to OMSS’ mission statement, several student-run organizations help live out their mission of “empowering students through campus education on issues of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, socioeconomic status, religion and their intersections through advocacy, academic and social enrichment, leadership and community engagement.” 

Assistant Director of Multicultural Student Services, James Williams, explained, “OMSS features student run organizations that help educate students of all backgrounds, about historically underrepresented groups of students.”

Everyone is welcomed to participate in OMSS events, regardless of their background. “We (OMSS) want all students to attend the events. It’s important that everyone has knowledge on different cultures,” said Williams. 

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