Final farewell for Officer Jun Kikuchi

Jake Volk, Co-News Editor

 On Nov. 3, the university sent sympathy and prayers to the family, friends and fellow officers of Jun Kikuchi. Born March 13, 1961 in Osaka, Japan, Kikuchi began studying at Lewis in 1981 having gained an affinity for the U.S. 

“Jun immediately embraced his campus community and the Brothers who sponsored it, taking a job as a janitor and cook in De LaSalle Hall,” stated Deputy Chief of Police Mike Zegadlo. “At the time, De LaSalle was owned and operated directly by the Christian Brothers and Jun’s supervisor was a young Br. James Gaffney.” 

In 1983, Kikuchi accepted a position with the then Lewis Campus Security as a student officer. He actually worked in several positions with the LUCS, including EMT, shift supervisor and watch commander. After completing his baccalaureate in 1991, Kikuchi remained as security until 2011 when the LUCS became the LUPD. 

“As the department transitioned from security to police in 2011, Jun evolved with it becoming a campus safety officer, a position he would hold for the rest of his life,” said Zegadlo. “Jun was the longest serving public safety employee in the history of the University.”

Kikuchi even served as a member of the Illinois Army National Guard from 1994 to 2002. Among his fellow officers, Kikuchi will be remembered for his “ability to spin tales of Lewis folklore,” stated Zegadlo. “A new officer’s field training experience was not complete without the Jun Kikuchi midnight ghost tour of campus.”