Fully Loaded: “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare”

The time has come to give my final thoughts on “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” and I’m here to tell you that this game is not a 7-8 out of 10. While in the past few weeks several patches have emerged that corrected issues I mentioned in my previous review on the multiplayer side of things, I don’t think this makes it rise above my initial thoughts on the game. But let us get into why that is.

I covered the campaign as well as I could, without spoilers, in my last review and I still stand by my opinion that it was fantastic, aside from a few issues here and there. But that is excluding the run time, which was absolutely criminal. Six hours for any kind of campaign is, in my opinion, below the expectations of AAA games like “Call of Duty.” This is compounded by the fact that they got so much right in this campaign, only to have the run time be so short.

I still refuse to do spoilers in this review, but the end took a few weeks to fully sink in and for me to not be as big a fan of it. To keep things vague, the end of the game sets up for the sequel that is definitely already in the works, as the game did very well commercially within the first three days of release. But despite the hype that even I felt, it eventually soured into sequel bait territory because there was so little of the campaign.

Also mentioned in my previous review, the game is a visual masterpiece and I can’t give Infinity Ward enough praise for finally going to a brand new engine. However, there are grievances that I didn’t have time to mention in my previous review, one of which being the file size. The game is currently sitting on my PS4 at an astounding 120+ GBs of space required to run the game.

For any standard console, you are devoting over a fourth of your storage space just to have Modern Warfare installed. Worse, it will inevitably grow as more patches and future DLC is released. While I enjoyed the enhancements, it sadly didn’t compensate for the space it requires to be played. If you do pick up this game, be ready to do some uninstalling of other games or upgrade your hardware to account for the immense amount of storage that will be taken up.

Multiplayer has seen the largest amount of change since my previous review, with patches addressing the issues of sound and weapon/gear balancing. No longer will you be sniped from half-way across a map by the infamous 725 shotgun. Submachine guns have also seen a buff while many assault rifles see some much needed downsizing. Footsteps are much more accurate, allowing you to not require Dead Silence as a must have in your loadout.

Most importantly, player character callouts are now only heard by the player, not the rest of the game. You are finally no longer your greatest enemy just by looking at an opposing player. Spawning has seen only minor improvements, or so they say. I still find myself getting killed immediately as I spawn on certain maps, especially the brand-new map that has been added. 

Despite all these changes, I still think the developers didn’t break away from the “Call of Duty” formula. Killstreaks are still a confusing mechanic to have in 2019, as it only benefits players who are already tearing it up and punishes players who are still trying to find a groove or are in a bad situation.

It doesn’t help that most people you play with will approach every mode like it’s Team Deathmatch, even if you’re playing an objective mode. While that isn’t exactly the fault of the creators, it is a shame and a reality to consider when looking into getting the game. This game does the best multiplayer I’ve seen from the franchise in many years, but the truth is that merely means it’s masterful at being passable.

Spec Ops was the biggest chore to review. It is the worst PVE game mode in recent memory and more thought and consideration should have been put into its design. There’s not much more to say.

At the end of the day, I’d give “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” a solid 6.5 out of 10. If you’re a longtime fan of the series, you’ve already purchased the game and I wish you fun times with it. But with those on the fence, I leave you with the knowledge I have gathered to make an informed decision, but would say that it might warrant waiting for a price drop before picking it up.

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