Campus Life

Lasallian Heritage Month honors tradition of academic excellence


 The monument called “The Encounter” has been constructed throughout the semester. Originally set to be dedicated to Saint John Baptiste De La Salle, the patron saint of educators, on April 30, the ceremony will instead take place during the Fall 2019 semester.       

Students' artistic achievements recognized in President's Art Show


The President’s Eleventh Annual Art Show displayed 58 pieces from both students and alumni in the Brent and Jean Wadsworth Family Gallery from April 4 to 26.  

Students perform futuristic music


Music has always been known to reach people in ways that words alone could never do. Currently students are making music in ways rarely heard before.

Occupational therapy program engages with medical community


 The occupational therapy (OT) program celebrated OT month in April by collaborating with several departments across campus to inform students about the careers of occupational therapists.