Students perform futuristic music

Henrietta Eghan

Music has always been known to reach people in ways that words alone could never do. Currently students are making music in ways rarely heard before.

On Tuesday, April 30 at 5p.m. in Ives Hall, there was an ensemble concert which showcased a new type of music; the new modern music is called Music Technology. Students redefined the meaning of Music Technology. The music made by the students was not created through the state of the art recording studio and CAI music lab provided at Lewis. Instead it was created through public everyday items like phones and computers. 

Through the guidance of music professor Mike McFerron, founder of Electronic Music Midwest, students emulated music by famous composers. 

Students’ version of Stephen Weigel: Reception for Phone Ensemble about music as piece for the act of conversation, astounded the audience. Senior Emily Wiseman said, “Although I was confused by them talking into phones, it’s pretty cool that even conversation can be music.” Music has progressed so much.

There were other forms of music technology explored and illustrated by students. A similar version of Joo Won Park: Singaporean Crosswalk showcased the sounds heard from simply strolling in traffic. 

Everyday items and everyday sounds were combined by students to create the current inspiring form of music. For further information about the music department and events, check out the music department online.